Our Company, our services

Our company

Nickel Klíma Ltd. started the activity in 1994.

Our main profile: design, realization and maintenance of cleanroom systems in the following segments:

  • electronics,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • biotechnology,
  • nanotechnology,
  • food industry,
  • cosmetics,
  • beauty and health care.

There are several references within these sectors certifying our commitment and professionalism.

Design, realization and construction of cleanroom systems

  • cleanroom walls, ceilings, doors, airshowers
  • HVAC Systems
  • controls systems (DDC)
  • cleanroom floors
  • cleanroom lighting
  • monitoring systems
  • technology (gas pipes)
  • set and test runs and implementation
  • validation and IQ, OQ documentation


  • air handling units
  • water chillers, cooling machines, cooling chambers, split air conditioners
  • HVAC systems
  • cooling, heating systems
  • electrical and automation systems

Other services

  • official leakage examination for cooling systems with gas
  • thermal imaging examination: detecting building defects, carrying out preventive industrial maintenance and service or visualizing heat activity in microelectronics

The main objective of our company is to provide complete and operating cleanrooms for our clients including the necessary validation and IQ, OQ documentation commencing with the basic concept, cost estimates, the preparation of prior and construction design, as well as the transport of materials, professional realization and implementation and the training of the operating personnel.