Our Cleanroom

Cleanroom technology results from the qualitative requirements of new technologies to the controlled manufactured environment. Clean rooms application expands into other fields as electrical and pharmaceutical industry. Mainly, it is clear chemistry, cosmetic and food-processing industry. The original constructional system ENCO may be used into all fields of Clean Rooms application

Our company offers an integrated constructional system of covering panels, wall panels and ceilings, door systems and other accessories to the mentioned systems, such as pass-thru air locks, air showers, material and personal locks or constructions in accordance with customers needs.

NICKEL constructional system is a modular system, flexibly adaptable to the project requirements to meet the correct production criteria and GPM conditions. Wall panel elements are manufactured as glued sandwich construction, while the particular elements are joined either through column or without it. Wall panels enable vertical wiring distribution. Glazing is in flush surface, generally marked as “Pharma glazing”, where the glass surface is at the same level with the metal surface of the panel. Not manufacturing this wall panel system as a mass production, our company is able to conform the materials, color version, types of sandwich paneling and others with the customers demands.

NICKEL offers technical cooperation in the Clean Rooms forming and the elements supply to their creation. In partnership with our partners, we are capable of meeting investors demands and needs. This includes the project documentation, Clean Rooms assembling, air-conditioning devices assembling, regulation system, workplace validation, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

There are two groups of construction elements manufactured in our company to meet the needs of Clean Rooms:
• Wall panel systems and accessories
• Ceiling systems and accessories

1. Wall panel systems and accessories
Wall panel systems are designed to be manufactured by available technology – cutting machine and bending press. The following constructional materials have been used with all partition systems:

  1. Wall panel and covering panel surface is made of galvanized metal sheet 0,75 mm in thickness, the amount of zinc varies in panel use, but for pharmaceutical industry it is usually 250 g Zn/m2. The metal sheet surface is covered by the priming coat and polyester varnish, frequently used in RAL 9010 colour. It is necessary to highlight the maximum panel size of this material, always bought in coils with 1250 mm width.
  2. Reinforcement, window frames, opening frames, base profiles are manufactured of galvanized material in widths 1,25 or 1,5 mm.
  3. Paneling is used according to the needs, the most frequent is polystyrene or mineral wool in the shape of hardened boards cross-cut into required thickness.
  4. Wall panels and covering panels are glued together with one-component polyurethane glue
  5. Possibly, stainless sheet may be used where the varnished or galvanized metal sheet has been applied.


Our company uses these wall panel systems:
• Monoblock panel types connected with hollow column
• Monoblock panel types connected without column
• Panels glued to support structure
• Wall covering

Wall panel parts are:
• Non-glazed
• Glazed
• With an opening

Wall panel is connected to the floor by:
• Fixed base profile
• Adjustable base profile

Upper edge is fixed to:
• ceiling
• existing building ceiling
• wall

Wall panel systems accessories
• doors
• material locks
• air showers

Doors are made:
• single-leaf glazed or non-glazed doors
• double-leaf glazed or non-glazed doors
• sliding doors (glazed or non-glazed)
All the doors can be opened manually or with electromechanical opener

Standard door version (unless otherwise customers requirements):
Doors surface is varnished metal sheet filled with Styrofoam or mineral wool, galvanized metal sheet doorframe and powder painted surfacing. Glazing with glass type Float 2x 4 mm in thickness, there is a special material absorbing the air humidity between the glass. Furthermore, our company uses “Pharma glazing”- glass is in the same level with the metal sheet surface. Doors are sealed in three sides by a profile set in the doorframe flute. The door bottom edge is sealed with a movable sealing trap, which will move up when the door is being opened and press against floor when the door is closed. The handle is stainless, door lock is galvanized, door lock. Hinges are adjustable in three axis (x,y,z). Doors are provided with self-closing Dorma TS 68.

Material locks
The outside lock is manufactured of galvanized metal sheet covered by powder paint. The inside lock is made of stainless metal sheet. Glass doors are glassed-in by Float 4 mm, “Pharma glazing” from both sides. Permanent magnet fastens the doors in their closed position. Door blocking is electronic (24-volt power). The door lock is electromagnetic. The door position (opened or closed) is signaled by red or green lights.

Air showers
These are made of galvanized metal sheet covered with powder paint. They consist of pre-filter, clean filter EU 13, medium pressure fan blowing at 6-10 m/s to a person standing in shower working area.

2. Ceiling systems and accessories
ENCO company manufactures three types of ceilings:
• Clean room false ceiling system 600 x 600 mm (625 x 625 mm)
• Clean room false ceiling with visible beam (750 x 750 mm)
• Walk-on false ceiling (1000 x 1000 mm)

The same as with the wall panel constructions, the ceilings are manufactured by the varnished metal sheet. Girders are in accordance with the ceiling load made of galvanized metal sheet 1,25 mm or 1,5 mm in thickness. Ceiling is anchored by thread shaft. Furthermore, lighting of various luminosity or dimension and also the filtering boxes may be hanged in the ceiling. These filtering boxes supply the air and may have own drive, so called FFU, shouldered by filters in according to need.